Friday, September 9, 2011

6.Self Portrait (Obsessed with Hair)


I feel obsessiveness is one of my traits that really defines who I am, which I’m truly grateful to have as an artist. My project is about “Obsessions” and the people who are obsessed with all kinds of things, even animals! You might think my illustrations are tales of extreme obsessions, stories of distant others, which do not relate to you nor me. But these are also my obsessions. Obsessions that I yearn to have but can’t... They are the hidden side of me that people can’t see. But they could be yours, too. From sneaker obsession to demonic hoarders, it was my intention to make these perverse gloomy themes visually startling and beautiful.

Traditional Japanese print making style was my primary inspiration. Its distinctive textures, outlines and patterns were mimicked to create a strong visual contrast with the contemporary graphic novel/comic treatment. Bold colors and graphic shapes with complicated composition and simple outlines simultaneously provide the viewers with rhythm, energy, excitement, and terror.

As an illustrator, my goal is to create unique style illustrations that fit into any industry from commercial to noncommercial. I hope when people look at my work, it inspires them, creates emotion, and is memorable.

*Thank you All who came to my visual thesis show!!!!

digital, 2011
Eugene Song


  1. Hi Eugene.
    Let me say on behalf of all of us who came to see your exhibition, your work was amazing! Each an every piece that was displayed showed clearly your artistic capabilities. Only by looking at them one could create a story, and that's what the true meaning of your illustrations should always be. The more I was looking the deeper I would sink and the story would became richer and more interesting. We are proud to know you and to be your friends. Keep doing what you love and believe in yourself. You are made for big things, and I'm sure you will achieve them one day.
    Wishing you the best in life,
    Artan Telqiu

  2. Eugene, I finally saw the show yesterday - your work was remarkable! I absolutely loved your idea, and the stunning way in which you brought it to life - in only a way you can! Fantastic!!!
    Hope to see you on Tuesday!

  3. Hi there,

    I run a gallery of ukiyo-e and came across your work whilst researching The Ghost of Oiwa... I liked your illustration very much. Do you have originals... are they for sale? You can email me at or through the gallery at Do get in touch.